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For over 47 years, the Fund has recognized City employees at all ranks and levels of government through its Sloan Public Service Awards, widely regarded as the Nobel Prizes of City government. This program annually honors six outstanding civil servants whose work performance and commitment to the public transcend not merely the ordinary but the extraordinary-- day after day and year after year. In honoring these winners, the Fund also acknowledges the contributions of the many thousands of dedicated public servants who, with integrity and devotion, perform the work that keeps this complex city running.

Since 1985, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has generously supported this program.


Eligibility & Nomination

The 325,000 employees who work for mayoral agencies, the Transit and Housing Authorities, the Health and Hospitals Corporation, the Board of Higher Education, Department of Education, district attorneys offices and public libraries are eligible.

Nominees embody the following qualities:

Extraordinary service delivered with ingenuity, energy, and compassion
Commitment beyond the call of duty
Responsiveness to public needs, developing more effective methods of service delivery
Outstanding and reliable performance, both under the pressures of daily routine and in times of crisis
Willingness to take risks, if that is what is needed to improve services or correct abuses or inequities
Ability to adapt to change and provide a continued high standard of service to the public
Dedication to upholding public interest amidst competing interests, pressures, and demands

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If you are interested in finding out more about the Sloan Public Service Awards, call or email
 Aldrin Bonilla at 212-925-6675; abonilla@fcny.org.


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