Cash Flow Loans

The Fund created the Cash Flow Loan Program in 1976 to provide bridge financing to nonprofit organizations waiting for committed funds from government and foundations. Nonprofit organizations depend on funding from private and government sources to deliver vital services. It can be weeks or months before an organization receives the contract monies needed to launch a program, continue expected services, compensate staff, purchase supplies and pay bills. A bridge loan allows the organization to continue operating without a disruption of services.

With its quick processing time, minimal service charge and no interest, the Cash Flow Loan Program plays an invisible but vital role in keeping many nonprofits functioning smoothly. The program lends about $20 million a year to approximately 400 organizations. The Fund provides cash flow loans through three programs: Operating Loans,  the Returnable Grant Fund, Mellon Capital Bridge Financing for Performing Arts Institutions. Altogether, it has lent approximately $1.4 billion dollars since 1976, with a default rate that would be the envy of any bank—less than one-fifth of one percent.

If you are interested in a Cash Flow Loan, call or email Andrew Walrond at 212-925-6675;


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