Core Programs

An extraordinary number of nonprofits in New York City provide vital services that shape the way we think, interact and live. Government, foundations, educational institutions and the private sector ask these community-based agencies to provide a critical array of programs in areas such as youth development, human services, social and environmental justice, community development, health care, education, housing and the arts, among many others. It would be impossible to imagine life without them.

As indispensable as nonprofit organizations are to helping to create vibrant, healthy communities, most government and foundation support is directed to specific programs rather than earmarked for essential administrative and management functions. In order to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits, the Fund has created a cluster of management and technology programs directed to improving their administrative and service capacity by lending money against delayed payments, providing back office support to new initiatives, and equipping nonprofits with the systems they need to be able to compete with the private sector.



Core Programs

Cash Flow Loans

Partner Project Program

Sloan Public Service Awards

Sloan Awards for Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics

NYC Community Planning Fellows