Healthy Eating: A Gift for Your Family

Families in disenfranchised communities face great challenges in feeding their families. They are also at great risk of health issues that are linked to eating patterns. While there is no shortage of brochures, pamphlets, websites and other nutrition information, much of it requires a high degree of literacy and can be confusing, if not contradictory. Working with nutritionists at the Morrisania Neighborhood Family Health Center – WIC Program and staff at the New York City Food Bank, the Fund created a module that provides low-income, low-literacy parents with accessible information about the basics of healthy nutrition and food preparation.

Healthy Eating: A Gift for Your Family contains information and data about nutrition, shopping, cooking and feeding young children, which is presented through engaging videos, animation, photographs, diagrams and audio. The module features over twenty-five New Yorkers who can testify to the value of healthy eating. They come from all walks of life and include a pediatrician, nutritionists from WIC and the FoodBank, the 13 year old 2008 Winner of the US Chess Nationals and the 2008 Gold Medalists at the Senior Judo Nationals.  

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