CitizenGauge: Rating the Performance of the Frontlines of Government

The Center's focus group and telephone interview research revealed that the first experience the public has with a government agency (the frontline experience) is a major factor in the way the entire agency and sometimes government itself, is judged. People are very clear about what they expect from all city agencies and employees: accessibility, courtesy, knowledge, timeliness, and responsiveness.

The Center is introducing CitizenGauge - a way in which members of the public can report on and rate their frontline experiences so that outstanding public service can be recognized and areas of public service that need improvement can be addressed.

This initiative demonstrates how CitizenGauge will work in New York City. However, CitizenGauge may be applied to other places and to specific agencies alone. If you are interested in adapting CitizenGauge, please email us at

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