Center on Government Performance

Government leaders at all levels recognize the public's demand for changes in the cost, size, quality and manner in which government has been operating. In response, government officials are actively reviewing and redefining the role of government at the local, state and federal levels and are seeking ways to involve the public in constructive ways. Consistent with the mission of the Fund to enhance the quality of life of New Yorkers by helping to improve the performance of their government, the Fund operates programs and develops tools to help government achieve its mission.

The Fund for the City of New York's Center on Government Performance was established in 1995 to promote communication, trust and mutual accountability between government and the public. The Center adapts market research tools to the public sector and applies technology to create innovative ways to assess government performance that involve the public, reflect its perspective and help government align its work with public expectations. The Center creates new performance measures of government services from the public's perspective. While the Center's work started in New York City; many of its programs have been adapted in other cities throughout the United States.

The Government Trailblazer Programs promote the production and dissemination to the public of annual performance reports in cities, counties, states and special entities across the country and in Canada. Participating governments seek feedback from the public about their performance measures and reports, implement suggestions and institutionalize this process.

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The work of the Center is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
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Center on Government Performance

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