Breastfeeding: A Gift for Your Baby

The World Health Organization has defined exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months as the standard for a healthy beginning to an infant's life. Still many mothers are unaware of the health benefits of breastfeeding or find the effort daunting.

In collaboration with Morrisania Neighborhood Family Health Center-WIC Program, the Fund for the City of New York's E-Community Connect's Parenthood Plus program developed a web module, dvd and public website to offer mothers with limited literacy easy-to-use information about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding: A Gift for Your Baby is valuable for any mother who is expecting or who has recently delivered a baby. The site and DVD feature short videos of real moms, breastfeeding peer counselors and certified lactation consultants speaking candidly about every aspect of breastfeeding. Presented in an encouraging and accessible format, these videos—through demonstrations, instructions and anecdotes—enable any mother to approach breastfeeding in an informed and confident manner.

The videos were filmed over the course of a year in the offices and waiting rooms of the Morrisania Neighborhood Family Health Center-WIC Program.

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