The touchstone of the Parenthood Plus (PPlus) program is its web-based application, which opens the door to a new universe of information and opportunity for families. Unlike the majority of sites created for parents about parenting, the PPlus application is designed for users with low or no-literacy skills and with limited resources.

Parenthood Plus connects mothers, counselors and health professionals in secure, password-protected communities and provides the essentials of parenting through videos, animations, slideshows, audio and graphics. The format of the application is accessible, culturally-sensitive and engaging.

The current modules of PPlus include breastfeeding, nutrition, family planning and childhood development. In addition, a multi-lingual online children's library of flash animated books, a photo-driven email function, a dynamic calendar and a growing archive of essential resources are housed within the application.


Screenshots of ParenthoodPlus web-based application


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Log-in page


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Splash page with family's photographs


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On-line library of Youth Tech Corps Flash-animated books


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Pages from Peter Rabbit


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Family's on-line photo gallery


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Email address book is photo-based and all photos in the family's on-line photo gallery can be easily sent


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One of sixty videos of milestones in the Child Develoment module


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One of 120 videos about every aspect of Breastfeeding. To view Breastfeeding: A Gift for Your Baby visit


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First page of the Nutrtion module, Healthy Eating: A Gift for Your Family. To view Healthy Eating, visit

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