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Volume 97 Issue 1 , Pages 2 - 59 (Spring 2008) Published Online: Apr 11 2008
Special Issue: Engaging the Public in Local Government Performance Measurement and Reporting
Issue Edited by Barbara J. Cohn Berman

Note from the Editor
Note from the editor (p 2)
Michael McGrath
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Involving the public in measuring and reporting local government performance
(p 3-10)
Barbara J. Cohn Berman
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Research Articles
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's program to make municipal governments more responsive to their citizens
(p 11-12)
Ted Greenwood
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The Des Moines experience with citizen-informed performance measurement and reporting (p 13-20)
Michael Matthes
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Educating public officials and managers: A university experience (p 21-28)
Marc Holzer, Younhee Kim
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Public employees as partners in performance: Lessons from the field (p 29-34)
Brooke A. Myhre
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Tips from a market researcher (p 35-38)
Madelyn Hochstein
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It's a major trend in America: People want more control (p 39-40)
Madelyn Hochstein
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Starting performance measurement from outside government in Worcester
(p 41-45)
Roberta R. Schaefer
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Current approaches to citizen involvement in performance measurement and questions they raise (p 46-54)
Anne Spray Kinney
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Bridging the divide between community indicators and government performance measurement (p 55-59)
Ted Greenwood
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